Uniterra in Malawi

Uniterra is a leading Canadian international development program. They are currently operating in 14 different countries around the world and working to improve living conditions and livelihoods for people everywhere. Uniterra has been operating in Malawi for over 30 years. As their new phase of development, a group of researchers was sent to profile the…

Playing a Losing Game: Sexism in the gaming industry

An in-depth look into how sexism and sexist actions are pervasive in all aspects of the video game industry. This video was produced at the height of the Gamergate controversy and therefore examines some of the issues brought up at that time.

Student Life in Dzaleka

This short documentary was produced for World University Service of Canada in Malawi. It features the students and beneficiaries of the Student Refugee Program, a program that sends students from the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi to various Canadian universities to study. The purpose of this video was for those students to be able to share…

A Farmer’s Persepctive

George Wright is an organic farmer just outside of Ottawa. He has a 50 acre farm where he grows various types of grain, which he then sells at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market.  According to Wright, the decision to move into retail was an easy one. As the only grain farmer at the Ottawa market, he…

Rick MacInnes-Rae Interview Excerpt

As part of a project with the Canadian War Museum, I had the opportunity to interview esteemed Canadian journalist, Rick MacInnes-Rae about his time as a war correspondent. This is a short preview of some of the most compelling parts of a one-hour feature length interview.