Ebola: How the world’s focus has shifted

“Nobody in West Africa had ever seen ebola before and they were scared. They were really, really scared.” According to American physician Dr. Aileen Marty, this is what the recent ebola epidemic looks like from the ground.She says the residents of Nigeria, where she was stationed, were afraid of the droves of people coming into…

DIY Blog

The Charlatan is Carleton University’s weekly newspaper. Over the past two years, I’ve written the majority of the “Do It Yourself” section of the website. Topics include how to make your own chalkboard paint, patio lanterns, beeswax lotion, and more. Photos and videos are all provided by me as well. To see some of the pieces,…

Museums reach out to youth

Several Centretown cultural institutions are launching new programs this year in a bid to bring more young people through the door. Read more here. 

Bixi bike program criticism ‘unfair’

Amid reports of financial trouble with the Bixi bike-sharing programs in Montreal and Toronto, questions are being raised about the future and long-term viability of the Capital Bixi system. Read the story here. 

Henry Cyr: Ottawa’s one handed blues bandit

In this mini-documentary, we profile Ottawa musician Henry Cyr, also known as the One-Handed Blues Bandit. Cyr is a charismatic and talented singer-songwriter who was forced to develop a unique playing style after a dismembering accident. Now, he busks using one hand and a coffee mug, and sings soulful blues about his experiences living on and…

Sowing for jobs

This mini-documentary explores an Ottawa initiative that is teaching immigrant women valuable job and life skills. It follows the path of Marie-Louise, a woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo who fled her country because of political turmoil and violence. In Canada, Marie-Louise found herself suddenly isolated and struggling with her new life. But then…

Creating a city for all

The Creating A City For All campaign aims to engage low-income voters in Ottawa’s municipal election. Studies show that low-income people are less likely to vote. In this documentary, you’ll meet Zainab Mohammed, a woman who is defying the odds and helping to engage people in local politics.

Saving Cycles

Profit. People. Planet. Local bike shop Cycle Salvation helps the community in many different ways. It gives people jobs. It refurbishes old bicycles. And it promotes eco-friendly transportation. A CJTV feature story for Centretown News.  

Using your smartphone to… reduce stress?

She lost everything in the fire. She lost her possessions and her home. She lost her sense of balance. In January, Emily Barrie’s home on Gilmour Street in Ottawa burned to the ground, taking everything she owned with it.  She was forced to start her life from scratch in her final semester of university.  Barrie describes…

Mindfulness in Education

Anxiety. Depression. Pain. Stress.  What if there was a way to improve mental health and well-being by chanting or thinking compassionate thoughts?  With deep breathing or meditation?  According to several new studies, there is. Mindfulness is making its move into the mainstream and increasingly, into the classroom as well.  Educators across the country are embracing…