A Week in the Life

If I had a nickel for every time my parents chastised me about not taking photos of my day to day life abroad, I would have several nickels. Once you live in a place long enough, the details of regular life become so mundane that they don’t seem worth sharing. I write stories about trekking the Himalayas, kayaking mountain-fed lakes, and running into rhinos on jungle safaris because these things are cool and interesting! Going to work in an office every day is not cool or interesting, even if it’s in Nepal. At least, not to me after doing it for almost five months.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the tempo on my way to work in the morning when a passenger bus full of people zoomed past. It was so full that people were hanging off the sides and back, desperately clinging in the rain with their rubber flip-flops, trying to gain purchase on the slick metal. This wasn’t what caught my attention though. I’ve been that person hanging off the back before so it seemed inconsequential. What caught my attention were the 15 goats on the roof, heads bowed against the wind and rain. Again, this isn’t an uncommon sight in Kathmandu but in that moment I had an epiphany.

My day to day life in Nepal is incredibly different from my life in Canada and my friends and family may be curious about that part of me. Over the next few weeks, I started seeing examples of this everywhere. On the day I couldn’t take a shower because it was cloudy (yes, this is real), when a monkey climbed the electrical wires less than three feet from my head at lunch, when I wouldn’t go upstairs all day until my roommate could come home and kill the cockroach I saw earlier.  What my bedroom looks like, where my office is, who my roommates are, what kind of food I eat, what bars I go to, what buses I take, how I spend my (limited) free time. All of this is stuff I usually wouldn’t consider documenting because it’s just life. But, building on this epiphany, I decided to making a Day In The Life style video about what an average week for me looks like in Nepal. No trips or big adventures.

So, this ones for you mom and dad. And if it’s boring as hell… you only have yourselves to blame!

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