Earthbeats is a social enterprise co-founded by myself and Nadia Roy while living and working in Nepal for a year with Uniterra, a Canadian-sponsored development program. It began as a seed planted deep in the back of Nadia’s mind and with the support of countless partners, blossomed to the people-driven small business that it is today.

Earthbeats combines my passion for storytelling and Nadia’s drive to foster a global community of medicinal and aromatic plant lovers. During our time in Nepal, we partnered with local producers of herbal products who were looking to break into the international market. These producers were our colleagues, the owners of our favourite shops and eventually, our friends. We travelled across Nepal, meeting the Nepali men and women working hard to create the beautiful items on our website and made short documentaries to showcase how our products are created, every step of the way.

For me, this project held countless lessons in business development, proposal writing, financing, partnership development, sales techniques, web design, social media management, blogging, documentary production, photography, and so much more. Building a social enterprise from the ground up was, and continues to be, an enlightening (and sometimes frustrating) experience but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Please check out the website for the full experience! We’re also on Etsy and if you really fall in love with a product you can order it through our website, on our Etsy page or even at a real live market (keep an eye on our social media to see where we’re setting up next!)

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