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When the pandemic started to wreak havoc on the world a couple of years ago I, like many people, took up a new hobby. I found myself sitting home alone an awful lot with oodles of time on my hands and not much to do with it outside of work. One day I decided that I would try embroidery.

I acquired a hoop, an old pillowcase and some thread my aunt had lying around. At first, my stitches were loopy and sloppy and my fingers were full of needle punctures. It was more challenging than I had anticipated but I am nothing if not stubborn so I kept going. In those first few months, I made upwards of 40 hand stitched patches and shipped them to my friends all over the world – a way to feel connected in this time of extreme isolation.

Ever since that first day when I picked up an embroidery hoop, I’ve stuck with it. My stitching has improved immensely and I’ve started conceptualizing and designing all my pieces from scratch. I’ve played with different mediums, adding beads and paint and different fabrics together to see how they interact. For awhile, I took only commissions and loved getting to collaborate with customers on creating a piece of art that they love.

Finally, after years of practice, I started selling my art online. Now you can find my lil’ passion project on Etsy here…. or on Instagram here…

Give me a follow, a like, a sale or a shout if you are looking for something custom or see something that you like!

Thanks for the support and just remember to always keep stitching!


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